This book has been out together by a broad number of contributors, all involved in Low Impact Development. It has been co-ordinated by Jenny Pickerill (University of Leicester) and Larch Maxey (University of Swansea).

Andy Wells has worked extensively within the steel industry on energy and water management and resource use. He is looking forward to moving into the Lammas eco-hamlet and putting his various skills and energies to work.

Antony Cutajar and Jenny Carr have two young kids. Jenny is a textiles designer with an emphasis on ethics. Antony’s main interest is in conservation and self reliance.

Ayres Gipson does loving for a living in various forms, and lives in Bath.

Cassandra Lishman manages a not-for-profit co-op, Live Lightly, where her main occupation is creating willow sculptures and running craft workshops. She has a degree in Environmental Science, is happily married with 3 children.

Dan Thompson-Mills has been living and working at Steward Community Woodland for 8 years. He is passionate about permaculture, the outdoors, wildlife and nature awareness, and is passionate about passing on that enthusiasm and love to others, particularly children.

Dave Owen joined the Lammas management team in 2007. He is a qualified carpenter and experienced builder and project manager. Dave has a deep and committed interest in sustainable and low impact construction, an HND in building conservation and a degree in environmental biology. He runs a small building conservation company in North Pembrokeshire.

Jasmine Saville and Simon Dale have spent several years living low impact and permaculture lives. They have particular interest and experience in low impact building, woodlands, permaculture design and creative learning.

Jenny Pickerill works at the University of Leicester and has self-built an eco-house in Leicestershire.

Jyoti Fernandes is an organic farmer and campaigner working to promote sustainable farming systems and land rights through The Land magazine and The Peasant Evolution Producers Cooperative.

Larch Maxey has been practising and researching sustainability since 1986. He works at Swansea University and lives off-grid in a Welsh Wood.

Oli Rodker is a woodworker and social justice campaigner. He co-founded Equinox Housing Co-op, Manchester and Landmatters, Devon, where he lives.

Paul Wimbush is the project coordinator for Lammas. He lives in West Wales with his family and works as a carpenter.

Rebecca Laughton is an organic market gardener and writer, and holds an MSc in Sustainable Agriculture. She is the author of Surviving and Thriving on the Land: How to use your time and energy to run a successful smallholding.

Simon Fairlie is founder of Chapter 7 and an editor of The Land magazine.

Tony Wrench built a roundhouse ( at Brithdir Mawr in Pembrokeshire which has recently been awarded temporary planning permission. He is a wood turner and runs workshops helping others learn how to self-build.